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Celery Recipe

  • Ingredients (for 4 people): 
1.5 kg of pork belly 
2 celeriac
2 carrots
2 onions, burned
Black peppercorns
5 bunches of parsley
Ice cubes
4 to 8 sprays of Blissful plant Celery extract 
  • Preparation
- Brown the pork belly, then keep it on a low heat with all the ingredients and a little water. Skim well when the water first comes to the boil. Cook on a gentle heat for 2 hours.
- Vegetable green. Cook parsley in salted water.  Add the ice cubes. Drain and mix. Add water as needed.
- Leave the pork belly in the bouillon for 24 hours in the fridge with the garnish.
- Heat the pork belly and celeriac in the bouillon.
- Arrange on a plate with the vegetable green.
- Just before serving, in front of your guests, spray one to two sprays of celery extract on each plate.

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