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Large Green Basil Semolina Pudding

Large green basil semolina pudding

  • Ingredients (For 6 to 8 people): 
175g polenta
800ml coconut milk
200g thick sour cream
150g condensed milk
100g sugar
50g butter
1/2 vanilla pod
10 sprays of Blissful plant Large green basil extract
  • Preparation
- Cook the polenta with the coconut milk, cream, sugar, butter and the half pod of vanilla for about 20 minutes.

- Off the heat, add the condensed milk and spray the Large green basil extract.

- Put in a terrine and leave to cool. Cut into large cubes. Roll in the brown sugar and caramelise using a blowtorch.

- Serve with seasonal fruit, cooked, raw and dried, and macaroons.

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