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Ossetra Caviar, Creamy Institut de Beauvais Potato with Lime

  • Ingredients (for 10 people):
100g Ossetra Caviar

1. For the royale de pomme de terre Institut de Beauvais
100g Institut de Beauvais potatoes, plain boiled
85g cream
1 egg yolk
1 whole egg

2. For the potato-almond siphon
100g Institut de Beauvais potatoes, plain boiled
90g cream
50g fresh hazelnuts
3cl of prune kernel oil

3. For the discs of sliced bread with hazelnut

Loaf of bread
Egg white
Slivered almonds

4. For the roast potato jelly
400g Institut de Beauvais potatoes
Sheet gelatine
10-15 sprays of Blissful Plant Tahitian Lime petitgrain extract 

5. For the lime foam
125g low-fat yoghurt
15cl lime juice
375g butter
250g water
15 to 18 sprays of Tahitian Lime petitgrain extract

6. Decoration
Gold leaf
  • Preparation
1. Royale de pomme de terre Institut de Beauvais
Mix ingredients and pour the mixture directly into the service container (choose appropriate size bowls). Film and cook at 80°C in a steam oven for about 10 minutes.

2. Potato-almond siphon
Put all of the ingredients in the siphon, gas twice.

3. Discs of bread with hazelnut
Take a nice compact loaf of bread, use a cutter to form disks, brush with egg white and cover with slivered almonds. Bake between two oven trays at 140°C for 14 minutes.

4. Roast potato jelly
Rinse the potatoes under running water. Chop them coarsely.
Brown them in a casserole, top up with water and bake in the oven at 90°C.
Sieve them with a chinois. Reduce the juice thus obtained and add 5g agar-agar and gelatine (6 sheets per litre).
Add the sprays of Tahitian lime extract.

5. Lime foam
Mix all of the ingredients and emulsify.
  • Presentation
Pour the jelly on the bowls of potato Royale. To serve, put the discs of sliced bread, then the potato-almond siphon. Use a microplane to grate lime zest on top. Top with the gold leaf and finally the caviar. Finally, surround the caviar with lime foam.

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