Organic Mare's Milk Shampoo - 200ml

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Organic Mare's Milk Shampoo - 200ml

A unique gift for your skin: The revitalizing properties of Mare’s Milk have been known for thousands of years now. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians considered Mare’s Milk a unique gift from nature. Mare’s Milk not only nourishes the body; it also strengthens your immune system, increases your health and contributes to lasting beauty. Moreover, it can have a positive influence on several skin conditions

  • Ideal to protect the hair and scalp from external aggressions. With a unique combination of 25% Mare's Milk and soft scent of iris essential oil, its formula is moisturising and has a proven anti-break effect. Particularly suited for dry and damaged hair
  • Use: Apply with circular massages on the scalp and on the hair, leave it for few minutes and rinse. Can be used on a daily basis
  • Ultra organic: Contains 63% organic ingredients. No parabens, alcohol or dye
  • Size: 200ml Bottle

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