Shaving Gel with Organic Tepezcohuite - 200ml


Shaving Gel with Organic Tepezcohuite - 200ml

A luxurious 100% natural formulation to soften the skin and prepare it for the razor blade. Rich and foaming, the Shaving Gel will prevent irritations and cuts. The skin is soothed, fresh and soft

  • Tepezcohuite (mimosa tenuiflora) is a long held beauty secret that is derived from Mexican “skin tree”. For thousands of years, Tepezcohuite was used by the Mayans to treat numerous types of skin lesions. Since then, Mexico has used this powerful plant as a natural remedy for ageing skin. As a powerful collagen stimulator and cellular regenerator, Tepezcohuite works miracles in effectively smoothing & improving the complexion. It is also a great remedy for irritated skin, as a result of its many healing properties. Powdered tepezcohuite tree bark contains a large percentage of Tannins which act as natural astringents and help stop bleeding. In addition, Tepezcohuite also contains Flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Use: Apply with circular moves on moistened face, then shave. For optimal efficacy, apply the gel with a shaving brush. Rinse and dry the face. Apply the after shave cream
  • Main component: Organic Tepezcohuite vegetable extract, organic orange blossom, peppermint water flowers and organic aloe vera extract. 99.9% of the total ingredients are of natural origins and 64.7% of the total ingredients come from organic ingredients
  • Tested under medical control - Free from parabens, artificial colouring - No animal testing
  • Size: 200ml Bottle

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