Macarons de Boulay - 400g

Macarons Format:

Macarons de Boulay - 400g

Our delicious Macarons de Boulay are a gourmet speciality, whose reputation is well-established even outside France. Whether offered to friends or eaten by you, they are irresistible. Once you start, who knows when you might stop? They are simply a must!

  • Today, the Macarons de Boulay are still made following an original recipe, using, exclusively,fresh almonds, sugar and egg whites. Then, carefully measured, the Macarons are drawn with a silver spoon in the purest tradition 
  • Contains no dyes, preservatives or added flavouring. They will remain soft for at least 5 to 6 weeks by simply keeping them in the fridge. Take them out at least 30mn before eating. They freeze very well; they will get back their softness after a few hours at room temperature
  • Format: "Tradition" metal red box or "Belle Epoque" metal box
  • Size: 400g metal box with 24 macarons
  • Kosher macarons for Passover. Why are these Macarons different from other Macarons? On the occasion of Passover, the Macarons de Boulay are produced under the strict supervision of Rabbi Bamberger, the Rabbi Chief of the Moselle department in France. All ingredients are guaranteed "Kosher for Passova" and the production is tightly-controlled by M. Bamburger.

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