Gastronomic Duck Cassoulet with Foie Gras - 760g


Gastronomic Duck Cassoulet with Foie Gras - 760g

Our Gastronomic Duck Cassoulet with Foie Gras is a traditional recipe from South West France. Rich and delicious, it will make a perfect meal for two on a cold winter's day. A special Cassoulet with Foie Gras!

  • The ducks are raised in the Landes for 102 days minimum, and then fed with whole grain corn without GMO (genetically modified organism)
  • Heat the Cassoulet ideally in a clay pot in the oven, having previously sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Mix well before serving to spread the Foie Gras sauce
  • Ingredients: white beans 40%, broth (water, vegetables with chicken giblets, celery, spices, herbs), Toulouse sausages (pork, salt, pepper, garlic), pieces of duck leg confit 20% (duck meat, salt), belly meat, foie gras 3%, onions, tomato, garlic, starch, salt, coloring: caramel, pepper and spices. No additives or preservatives
  • Shelf life: 4 years at room temperature
  • Size: 760g jar (serves 2)

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