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19th Century Antique Doll -

19th Century Antique Doll

  • £69000

19th Century Antique Doll

This beautiful doll dates from the 1860s and is of German provenance. This doll is about 45 cm tall, which is tall for these models. Exceptional quality for a doll over 150 years old!

  • Her sweet, beautiful face is crafted with fine porcelain, as is the bust. She is in very good condition, devoid of cracks. Her eyes are clear blue, with her mouth closed, as is usual for dolls of that period. Some of the fine detail includes a black headband, also in porcelain, her ears are pierced and she is adorned with beautiful sky-blue beads. Her forearms, made of bisque (see below) are intact.
  • Her clothes are original and therefore a bit worn and she bears no specific inscription/labelling. The clothes have not been removed so as not to devalue the doll but she is sold with an additional beautiful blue vintage clothes set.
  • Bisque is unglazed porcelain which was first created in the late 1860s by French firms. The porcelain is created from a paste of clay and water, which is moulded and then fired at temperatures above 2,300F. After firing, the moulded doll's head is fired several times more after successive applications of paint to create the doll's features. Usually, colour is applied to create a more realistic skin tone, but sometimes the bisque might be left white and unglazed.

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