All-Bisque Doll Margot

Doll Outfit:

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All-Bisque Doll Margot

All-Bisque Doll Margot is a small size all-bisque child doll, hair included of 11cm tall, circa 1920 

  • Jointed arms and legs, painted facial features
  • Sold with the pink dress or undressed
  • Bisque is unglazed porcelain which was first created in the late 1860s by French firms. Porcelain is created from a paste of clays and water which is moulded and then fired at temperatures above 2300 F. After firing, the moulded doll head is fired several times more after applications of paints the doll's features. Most of the time an application of colour is applied to create a more realistic skin tone. If there is no colour added to the bisque and it is left white and unglazed

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