Biere Blanche (Wheat Beer), Organic - 33cl

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A lovely caramel colour and a creamy foam for this original Weissbier. Brewed in the tradition of German Weizen, the Wheat Beer offers a delicate balance between wheat malt and barley malts. This highly fermented beer, with a delicate body and yeasty nose, is distinguished by its slightly bitter and fruity taste

Produced in Haute-Savoie, using the pure water of the Alps, to which organic malts and hops are added. This carefully selected blend of raw materials gives each of our high-quality Haute-Savoie beers a unique flavour

  • Alcohol: 5%
  • Organic
  • Quantity: 1 bottle, pack of 4 or 24 bottles - 33cl each
  • Note: alcohol abuse can be dangerous to health.

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