Boxwood Bottle Stopper


Boxwood Bottle Stopper

The boxwood bottle stopper with a refined and elegant design will cork all your bottles in a very simple and effortless manner. Mixture of precious wood and metal for its originality. A great creation to offer or to keep for yourself!

  • Its multiples seals of different diameters will provide a perfect water tightness to the bottle or carafe and will allow you to use it on different size necks
  • Boxwood. All the items are in the natural colour of wood, no dye is used. They are protected by two layers of polyurethane varnish and require no special maintenance
  • Each piece is handmade and unique meaning that the product you receive may differ slightly from the photographs featured on the site. This is the main characteristic of wood. Each piece will have its own veins, colour, for the joy of everybody!
  • All products are tested and guaranteed against defects. The possible defects are only the characteristics of the type of wood used. A certificate of guarantee will be provided with your order
  • All woods are imported legally, some species are protected and thus replenishment may take longer

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