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Bresi (Dried Beef) -

Bresi (Dried Beef)

  • £540

Bresi comes from dried and smoked Montbeliarde cow's meat, similar to the famous Swiss Graubünden meat (grisons beef). It goes back at least to the 16th century, and owes its name to the fact that it resembles a hard red exotic wood from Brazil.

  • Our products are traditionally hand made by small passionate artisans and come from happy local animals that are free range and fed a natural diet. The meat has the PGI label which ensures certain standards are respected when it comes to raising the animals
  • The cut is salted with dry salt for 3 weeks with various spices (onion, bay leaf, thyme and juniper). It is then smoked for 3 weeks using resinous wood. The Bresi will loose over 50% of its weight after 3 weeks and will have taken a wonderful dark red colour, a translucent texture and perfume and powerful aroma
  • Bresi is best enjoyed cold traditionally and cut thinly with Raclette, but also in sandwiches or on a Charcuterie platter. Fantastic as a carpaccio with premium Emmental cheese and with colza oil
  • Sold in thin slices
  • Size: 100g (around 6 slices), 200g (around 12 slices), 500g (around 30 slices). Approximate weight as cut on order
  • Standard UK delivery from £3.50

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