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Château Chalon Vin Jaune 2007 -

Château Chalon Vin Jaune 2007

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Exclusive to the Jura, Yellow Wine is considered to be amongst the best white wines on the planet by some of the most eminent œnologists and Masters of Wine. It starts from just two things: the type of marl soil and the Savagnin grape variety. Château Chalon Vin Jaune is the oldest and most famous of the 6 Jura AOCs

  • The wine from the late harvested Savagnin grape is then aged in small oak barrels for a minimum of 6 years and 3 months. The barrels are not topped up to compensate for the evaporation over the years (nearly 40%). A "voile" or layer of yeast is formed on top of the wine in the barrel, allowing the wine to acquire its distinctive flavours, characteristic of walnuts, hazelnuts and green almonds
  • This unique wine is bottled in a unique bottle, squat with a deep punt, called a "clavelin". Each clavelin has a capacity of 62cl based on the fact that for every litre of newly made wine put into barrel, just 62cl is left after nearly 6 and a half years of ageing. Vin Jaune is the only wine allowed to be sold in France in a bottle of this capacity; Chateau Chalon wines are distinguished by an additional escutcheon at the base of the neck
  • Vin Jaune has a warm, lustrous gold colour. With an alcohol level of a minimum of 13˚, it can retain its youthful vigour in the cellar for more than 100 years
  • Powerful and complex aromas of nuts, spices (curry), enhanced with smoky notes, this wine is full and unctuous, splendid in the mouth and outstanding superb length on final. A must!
  • As an aperitif with nuts and Comté cheese, Trout with almonds, Chicken au Vin Jaune (local speciality in the region), and Sea food. Serve between 14 and 16˚
  • Vintage: 2007
  • Grape: Savagnin, grown only in the Jura region
  • Size: 62cl Bottle
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