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Choucroute Royale with White Wine has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
Choucroute Royale with White Wine -

Choucroute Royale with White Wine

  • £1690

This authentic and rustic Choucroute Royale with white wine and sauerkraut, cooked with products exclusively from Alsace, is a dish full of emotions!

  • The Alsatian cabbage harvested in the plain of Alsace is minced, pressed and fermented. The pork meat is processed to become smoked meat, lard and sausages. Finally, it is simmered for a long time and seasoned with white wine from Alsace. Enjoy its unique flavour, promoting joy and friendliness around any table!
  • Heat in a bain-marie for 20mn (jar opened) or in a saucepan over low heat for 15mn. Serve with a good Riesling and baked potatoes
  • Composition: Alsatian sauerkraut cooked with lard and Alsatian white wine. Garnish: 2 smoked pork, 2 salted lard, 2 smoked sausages, 2 sausages from Strasbourg
  • Size: 950g jar (serves 2/3) and 1430g jar (serves 3/4)

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