Crème de Pêche (Peach) - 50cl


Crème de Pêche (Peach) - 50cl

Fresh with a nice roundness, this Creme de Peche can be tasted alone, with an ice cube but also mixed with a white wine or dry cremant to enhance your aperitifs

  • The Creme de Peche is elaborated following a maceration of fruits in alcohol and the addition of sugar syrup
  • Can be enjoyed well chilled in kir or cocktails, on crushed ice as an aperitif or simply enjoyed at the end of a meal. For a perfect aperitif, pair the Crème de Pêche with a Cremant or a  Pinot Blanc Tradition
  • Alcohol: 25%
  • Size: 50cl Bottle
  • Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health

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