Duck Leg Confit


Duck Leg Confit

Duck Legs Confit cooked the traditional French way, for a tender and succulent tasting experience. The duck legs are first cured using Corsican salt and a secret blend of herbs, then slow-cooked in duck fat and finally sealed in Vac Pac – the best way to keep the flesh moist

  • Oven or pan fry, skin-side down first, to your personal taste. Chef recommends about 25 minutes for crispy skin and nutty brown colour
  • Eat with a dressed green salad for a perfect light lunch, or with roasted potatoes for the ideal mid-week supper
  • Ducks only used from a small number of carefully selected French farms where the animals are raised ethically following age-old traditions
  • Keep the unopened pack in the fridge (0c-4c) and consume before the date indicated on the pack. Once opened, keep the pack sealed and refrigerated, consume within 7 days
  • Ingredients: Duck sourced from free range French farms, duck fat, garlic, rosemary, bay leaves, salt, pepper
  • Size: 2 Legs, 6 Legs, Vacuum Packed
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Awarded the prestigious "Best Speciality from the South East Region" label at the Great Taste Awards
  • Great Taste Awards Judges' Comments: 
- "Excellent texture, crispy skin, very moist meat and excellent flavour. Smells fantastic. Not too oily - a very good product. Very nice fatty duck legs of a good size. Beautifully tender and flavoursome. We wanted to eat it all"
- "Well spiced and seasoned confit. Tender and delicious"
- "A good duck with plenty of flavour"

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