Eau de Vie Vieille Prune (Ente Plum)


Eau de Vie Vieille Prune (Ente Plum)

We offer you a selection of "flavours of excellence". All our eaux de vie are distilled on the grower’s premises in order to be as close as possible to the harvest, thereby guaranteeing the exceptional quality of the fruit we use. Its high quality provides a delicate finish and a pleasant burn

  • Our Eau de vie carries through the flavours of the "Ente" Prunes, the same one which produces Agen prunes and aged in oak casks. The nose of the eau de vie is instantly recognisable and the palate carries a distinct light flavour of the prune
  • Tasting: As an aperitif, neat in a frosted glass; as a digestif or with a pudding; in a cocktail
  • Alcohol: 43%
  • Size: 50cl, 70cl, 150cl
  • Note: Alcohol abuse can dangerous to health

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