Fang Tribe Ring


Product Description

Fang Tribe Ring

Self-taught silversmith Oscar Galea works with an alloy of magnesium and aluminium appropriated from the aeronautical industry to create his unique, minimalist jewellery. Collection Tribu is inspired by tribal ceremonial adornments and raw art, it is charged with an ancestral, universal and archaic heritage. Tribe by a minimal and refined path, connects to distant and intimate landscapes

  • The lightweight material offers both an impressive solidity and comfort. It does not oxidise or cause a reaction when placed in contact with the skin
  • Each piece is hammered, filed and polished by hand giving a unique piece
  • A unique graphic signature can also be found on each item, providing a mark of authenticity
  • Material: Magnesium, Aluminium, Seamless rivets
  • Size: 4 x 4 mm – 3g
  • More about Oscar Galea

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