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Fine de Bourgogne - 7 Years Old -

Fine de Bourgogne - 7 Years Old

  • £3100

Like Cognac and Armagnac, Fine de Bourgogne is an eau de vie produced from the distillation of the "clair de lie",i.e. the part of the wine that is not bottled. After distillation, the Fine is aged in oak barrels for 7 years

  • Our Fine de Bourgogne is extremely delicate on the palate, at once soft and subtle, rounded and fruity, defining a product of rare quality
  • Enjoy as a digestif at room temperature
  • Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)
  • Alcohol: 45%
  • Size: 70cl, 100cl and 150cl wax-sealed bottle
  • Note: alcohol abuse can be dangerous to health

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