Fines de Claire Marenne-Oleron Oysters N.2


Fines de Claire Marenne-Oleron Oysters N.2

Since 1874, the Geay family have been cultivating oysters in the heart of Marennes-Oleron’s basin in France where the sea and land converge. They use their knowledge of the local environment and expertise in oyster cultivation to produce the fleshiest and tastiest oysters possible

  • To ensure their growth, the Oysters are moved from one park to another for more than 42 months so they can get the best possible nutrients. They benefit from a unique treatment to become the queen of specials!
  • Ample and round, their taste is subtly sweet with nutty notes
  • Oysters N.2 weigh between 86 and 120g, they can be enjoyed cooked or raw in a seafood platter
  • Size: Box of 12 and 50 pieces
  • On Pre-order
  • Our Oyster Knives Collection

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