Finest Grey Honeycomb Face Cloth -

Finest Grey Honeycomb Face Cloth

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Finest Grey Honeycomb Face Cloth

Luxurious and traditional Basque Face Cloth with a beautiful honeycomb textured and stripes that bring an incredibly sophisticated feel into the bathroom

  • Hand woven with great care, pure soft cotton, they are more absorbent and very tactile
  • Material: 100% Honeycomb Cotton
  • Colour: White honeycomb with Grey braid
  • Care instructions: The colour stripes are guaranteed colourfast. It must always be washed at 30˚ (wool cycle) before use. Then, it can be washed up to 90˚ if necessary. It is resistant to bleach used at low temperature in its proportions (1/4 litre of bleach for 10 litres water)
  • Finest Grey Honeycomb full range

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