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Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle

Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle Tuber Uncinatum

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The Autumn truffle, also known as the Burgundy truffle, is similar in appearance to the Summer truffle. It has a black skin with a dark brown chocolaty flesh. It is famous and appreciated for its mild and delicate flavour with hazelnut notes.

  • It is better not to cook the Burgundy truffle. Simply shave it fresh on some fish, meat, pasta, eggs or potatoes dishes
  • Store the fresh truffles in the fridge wrapped loosely in paper towels. Fresh truffles are best when used within a week or less after they arrive
  • Ingredients: Tuber Uncinatum
  • Size: 100g
  • Available from September through January, depending on the weather
  • More information here
  • Standard UK delivery £6.50

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