Kit Glass for Wood Base Glassware


 Kit Glass for Wood Base Glassware

The Kit Glass is to be used with the Wood Base Glassware Collection. If you have a broken a glass, you can replace it since you still have the wooden piece. Also, if you have already acquired a series of glasses, you will be able to complete your service with one of these kits, you will just need to use the wooden part by interchanging the glasses

  • Size:

- Glass Wine: Height 21cm - Diameter 7.9cm - Capacity 260ml
- Water glass/Glass Wine: Height 22cm - Diameter 8.6cm - Capacity 350ml
- Champagne Glass: Height 24cm - Diameter 6.6cm -  Capacity 190ml

  • Washable in the dishwasher
  • All products are tested and guaranteed against defects. A certificate of guarantee will be provided with your order
  • Registered design and Patent granted

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