Landaise Flavours Gift Set


Landaise Flavours Gift Set

It is hard to resist this pretty little suitcase from which to discover four wonderful pates from the Landes. A lovely gift for the pate gourmet!

  • Landaise  Flavours Gift Set includes:
     - 1 Whole Duck Foie Gras with Pepper 130g Jar
     - 1 Duck Confit 2 Legs 600g
     - 1 Pate Landais with 50% Bloc of Duck Foie Gras 130g Tin
     - 1 Smoked Duck Breast Pate 120g Jar
     - 1 Terrine Landaise with 20% Bloc of Duck Foie Gras 180g Jar
     - 1 Duck Rillettes 120g Tin
  • Storage: 3 years at room temperature
  • Size: L.26 x l.26 x H.9 cm

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