Mackerel Rillettes with Leek - 90g


Mackerel Rillettes with Leek - 90g

With the freshest fish sourced from the coast of Brittany and as many ingredients as possible coming from the local area, the producer is committed to the finest of seafood products, including these impeccable and award winning luxury seafood rillettes

  • Mackerel is an important fish to the inhabitants of Brittany and here it is blended with subtle curry spices and local seaweed, creating an intriguing and fabulous result!
  • Best served on lightly-toasted French bread or crackers with lemon zest. For an ideal consistency, refrigerate before serving
  • Benefits: it is one of the fishes with the highest level of omega-3, the beneficial effects of which are well-recognised. Very nourishing, mackerel provides large quantities of vitamins D and B as well as several minerals such as selenium, iron and iodine
  • Ingredients: mackerel (75%), leek (13%), sunflower oil, thyme, laurel
  • No added salt
  • Size: 90g jar

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