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French Saucisse de Morteau 500g

Morteau Sausage - 500g

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The Morteau Sausage, also known as the Belle de Morteau, is a splendid and traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region in Franche Comté. Prestigious AOC status

  • Our products are traditionally hand made by small passionate artisans and come from happy local animals that are free range and fed a natural diet. The pork meat has the PGI label which ensures certain standards are respected when it comes to raising the animals
  • The Morteau is smoked over pine-wood for 48 hours in huge chimneys called "tuyé" to give it a highly distinctive and delicious taste and aroma
  • With a beautiful golden amber colour, the sausage which can be eaten cold or warm has a strong and distinctive flavour with a pleasant juicy and firm texture
  • These sausages are outstanding when cooked in boiling water for around 20mn. You can eat the sausage hot with potatoes and a green salad. This will give you a very balanced meal. You can also eat the sausage cold (but cooked) together with any other charcuterie
  • Size: 500g (serves 2-3)
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