Organic Ulmo Honey - 250g


Organic Ulmo Honey - 250g

An exceptional and rare Organic Ulmo Honey for the strength of its floral notes of anise (and perhaps also fennel) that we find in its smell but also its powerful aroma and long in the mouth. Ulmo honey is light in colour, liquid at first but quickly crystallizes to give a light yellow and opaque colour

  • Certainly the most famous and most sought after honey from this part of the world. The Ulmo (Eucryphia Cordifolia) is an evergreen tree of the family that can grow up to 40m in height and two meters in diameter. Its geographical distribution starts in latitude at the height of the Bio-Bio Region (City of Concepción) and goes down beyond the island of Chiloé. Its white flowers two to three centimeters in diameter offer a dense and intense flowering in January and February. Its pollination is mainly carried out by bees
  • Properties: Honey with proven benefits in the treatment of wounds and skin conditions in addition to helping moderate oxidative stress. On top of that, it has iron, calcium and zinc, minerals that are very important for the proper functioning of the body while providing clean energy. What stands out most about this organic Chilean honey, however, are its high antibacterial and fungicidal properties, being a powerful aid in the fight against bacteria and fungi. A delicious sweetener: While ulmo honey is loaded with health benefits and is a source of energy and antioxidant polyphenols, one of its most well-known properties is that it is a 100% natural sweetener and a delicious way to give a touch of sweetness to different preparations
  • Size: 250g Jar

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