Organic Willow Honey - 250g


Organic Willow Honey - 250g

The flowering of the Willow is a rare phenomenon which only appears under certain exceptional mild conditions in early spring. This makes it a rare honey par excellence. Willow honey (Salix) is a light yellow honey whose rapid crystallization can take on beige tints. It is a floral and refreshing honey with notes of thyme and rosemary, slightly woody on the finish

  • This honey is usually made from nectars of different flowers, but sometimes the flowering of a species is so intense that the resulting honey is specific to that flower. It is then a monofloral honey. The beekeepers pay close attention to these successive blooms in order to be able to concentrate each of the nectars independently, as was the case for Ulmo honey and Willow honey. Comes from the apiaries of Lake Ranco
  • In addition to the general uses that can be made of honey, its persistency means it can also be used in infusions or in the cooking of white meats
  • Size: 250g Jar

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