Pastis Culinary Spray - 30ml

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Pastis Culinary Spray - 30ml

100% natural with intense and authentic flavours, this ergonomic and elegant spray bottle is easy to use for cooking and at the table for all those looking for an outstanding, chic final touch! A great and innovative gift for all food lovers

Each squirt with the spray gives out a small quantity of the product (only 0.2ml), so each bottle can be used hundreds of times, at any occasion. Using a spray also boosts the aromas of those great spirits, thanks to the precise diffusion of thousands of droplets

  • Pastis is a word from Provence meaning “mix”. Our pastis comes from the subtle mix of green anise, star anise and liquorice plus many aromatic herbs’ distillates for greater complexity as a seasoning ingredient
  • Pastis spray offers a balanced nose with floral notes (anise, liquorice) and a herbal finish. The mouth is fresh and delicious, with flavours of garrigue,  used for Mediterranean cuisine, but not only that!
  • At home or at a restaurant, our culinary sprays can be used in many different ways. Their truly great quality and authenticity (no artificial aromas) allows them to be married to all your culinary wishes and ideas: in a starter, with fish, puddings
  • Alcohol: 45˚
  • Size: 30ml
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  • Note: alcohol abuse can damage health

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