Ratafia de Champagne - 70cl


Ratafia de Champagne - 70cl

Ratafia de Champagne Liqueur is a natural aperitif drink made exclusively with fresh grape juice from the Champagne region fortified with spirit (grape brandy). It is then aged in oak barrel

It originally originated in the 13th Century mainly as a method for preserving grape juice. It has finally won official status as a product of the region with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status

  • It has slightly spicy notes on the nose leading to flavours of candied fruit, quince jelly and flavours of champagne brandy (Marc de Champagne) on the palate. It has a magnificent smooth and creamy texture
  • Can be served neat as an aperitif. It is also a great match for food with foie gras, cheese and with a whole range of desserts
  • Alcohol: 18%
  • Size: 70cl
  • Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health

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