Sampler Iced Tea

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With a fruity herbal, a white and a classic black, the Sampler Iced Tea has something to please iced tea lovers of all kinds. Flash-chilled in the Tea-Over-Ice brewing pitchers, these teas are the perfect chiller on a hot afternoon. In fact, they are refreshing even when the weather turns cold. Each infuser brews a 70cl pitcher of iced tea

  • Sampler Iced Tea in this Collection are:

- Blood Orange Iced Tea: This enlivening tea offers the distinct, sweet taste of Moro "deep blood orange". Sourced especially for its ruby vermillion coloured flesh, the Moro presents a crisp-tart cup, delicious hot or iced (Black tea)
- Ceylon Gold Iced Tea: Finest organic black tea leaves from the renowned Blackwood Estate in Sri Lanka. This tea is crisp, bright, and bold, delivering the superlative iced tea (Black tea)
- Raspberry Nectar Iced Tea: Savour the natural sweetness of sun-ripened raspberries in every sip of this luscious, herbal iced nectar tea. Ruby red rose hips, sweet apple and a medley of summer berries are blended for pure, fruity, refreshment (Herbal tea)
- Ginger Pear Iced Tea: A quietly exotic and alluring blend of Pai Mu Tan white tea and juicy pear, balanced with notes of soft ginger for a divine thirst quencher (White tea)
- Mango Peach Iced Tea: Superior green tea leaves blended with cooling peppermint leaves, the heady nectar of mangoes and the lush, succulent sweet taste of peach for a sunny tropical mango peach iced tea (Green tea)

  • Pour boiling water over infuser. Steep for 2-4 minutes. Pour over ice and enjoy!
  • Size: Box with 5 pyramid infusers (1 pyramid infusers each)
  • Silken pyramid infusers are not compostable or biodegradable

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