Strawberry-Clementine Extra Jam - 250g


Strawberry-Clementine Extra Jam - 250g

The blend of perfumes and flavours possesses an authentic Corsican taste. An ideal jam to accompany a generous slice of toast for breakfast. Sweets to savour without moderation!
  • This tasty medley of fruits will amaze you with its sweetness and originality
  • Charles Antona's jams are prepared respecting faithfully the Corsican tradition that is to say 50% fruit for 50% cane sugar. There is no mysterious alchemy, it uses fruit grown in exceptional conditions, under the Mediterranean sun, and picked at maturity
  • Ingredients: Strawberry 43%, cane sugar 40%, Clementine 7%, glucose syrup, gelling agent (fruit pectin, lemon juice)
  • Keep refrigerated after opening
  • Size: 250g

More Info

Nutrition facts per 100g  
 Energy 1049 kJ / 247 kcal
 Total Fat 0 g
saturated   0 g
 Carbohydrate 61,3 g
sugars   53,1 g
 Protein 0,4 g
 Salt 0,01 g

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