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The Caviar Pearl Gift Box -

The Caviar Pearl Gift Box

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Whether you are a caviar lover or a great connoisseur, the Caviar Pearl Gift Box is an invitation to savour one of Sturia's finest caviar selections.Thanks to its metal packaging, the Caviar Pearl Gift Box can be used to serve caviar for a very simple tasting session! Open the Caviar Pearl box and put a little crushed ice in it

  • Caviar Vintage, symbolic caviar of Sturias know-how, allies subtlety and complexity of flavours persistent in mouth. It associates rounded firmness and an explosion in mouth of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavours
  • Caviar Oscietre, from the exclusive production of Gueldenstaedtii, sturgeons condenses marine savours with a touch of dried fruit, into sensual caviar. Its firm golden brown eggs roll perfectly under the palate, gradually releasing their delicate flavour
  • Tasting: Open the Caviar Pearl Gift Box and put a little crushed ice in it. Open the caviar tin using a key or coin and place it on the ice. Then simply savour the caviar by the spoonful. Roll the grains around your palate, letting them burst to gradually release their fruity, iodine flavours and aromas
  • Storage: Keep between 0°C and +4°C
  • Caviar d'Aquitaine
  • Delivery in Europe only
  • 1 x 50g of caviar + 4 mother-of-pearl spoons

A superior product, achieved using traditional know-how and specialist skills.

  • Sturgeon Farming is a very long, painstaking process. After obtaining fry from the best spawners, the producer must wait 3 years before ultrasound techniques can be used to determine the sturgeons’ sex. Females are then farmed in ponds for approximately 8 years until they reach maturity.
  • Further ultrasounds and a biopsy (to taste the caviar and check its quality) help to decide when to fish the sturgeon. Caviar is a seasonal product and sturgeon are fished between September and March
  • An 8-year-old female sturgeon weighs about ten kilos and yields approximately 10% of her weight in caviar
  • The caviar is made using traditional expertise: the grains are carefully hand-sieved, washed in clean water, mixed with salt and tinned – nothing more! The caviar is then matured naturally in maturation rooms
  • This traditional expertise releases all of caviar's balanced, hazelnut flavours. The crunchy eggs are lightly salted using the Malossol method, which brings out their unrivalled flavour and length on the palate.

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