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Whelk Rillettes with Black Sea Bream - 80g -

Whelk Rillettes with Grey Sea Bream & Onions - 80g

  • £450

Whelk Rillettes with Grey Sea Bream & Onions - 80g

La Paimpolaise is the label of upscale fish pâté. With the freshest fish sourced from the coast of Brittany and as many ingredients as possible coming from the local area, they are committed to the finest of seafood products with these impeccable and award winning luxury Seafood Rillettes

  • Whelk is a shell which lives buried in sandy and muddy bottoms, hence the power of its flavour. Added with Sea Bream, plants, onions, and onion confit, this Terrine will surprise you with its flavours
  • Best served on lightly toasted French bread or crackers. For an ideal consistency, refrigerate before serving
  • Ingredients: Whelk (28%), Sea Bream (22%), Cream, Onion, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Agar Agar and Wakame), Coriander, Pepper, Thyme, Bay leaf
  • Contains allergens such as Fish, Molluscs and Milk
  • No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives
  • Size: 80g Jar

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