Wild Hazelnuts Avellano Honey - 250g


Wild Hazelnuts Avellano Honey - 250g

A beautiful and rare Wild Hazelnuts Avellano Honey with a light amber colour and with homogeneous crystallization turning to light brown. Suave, smooth on the palate and a subtle note of toasted hazelnut. This is a rare honey due to the dispersal of individuals but the dense flowering nevertheless allows its concentration by positioning a few sedentary hives very close to the trees

  • Avellano (Gevuina avelana) is an evergreen tree that can reach 20m in height. It usually grows in isolated individuals from Valparaiso to the Guaitecas Islands, south of Chiloé Island. These flowers take the form of axial clusters grouped in pairs. Flowering in January and February then gives magnificent round hazelnuts that Chileans consume grilled and salted as an aperitif
  • Properties: Honey rich in Vitamin A, and is said to contain many of the health properties of hazelnuts, especially for the skin
  • Size: 250g Jar

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