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French Wild Lavender Terrine 200g Jar

Wild Lavender Terrine - 200g

  • £795

Product Description

Our terrines have been prepared following secret recipes handed down from generation to generation. They are all made by hand and the jars are filled manually with a fork. All the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the best quality and flavour. Perfect for gourmets!

  • The lavender terrine is made out of pork meat, chicken liver and wild lavender flowers. Wild Lavender, which has a much subtler flavour than the normal "blue farmed lavender", is a rare plant that has to be collected in the foothills of the Lure Mountain at 1,800 meters altitude during the month of August. A speciality indeed!
  • Retains optimal flavour if chilled one hour before tasting. Serve with country bread or salad
  • Free from artificial colours or additives.The absence of added colours and additives can cause a change in colour a few hours after opening, but the taste is unaltered
  • Size: 200g jar

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