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Château Garreau

The Garreau family has been owning the Domaine since 1919. Charles Garreau (1909-1985) an agricultural engineer maintained and developed the Domaine with the help of his children. The third and fourth generations are now maintaining the family traditions of this vineyard which now spreads out over 33 hectares of rolling hills.
The Gayrosse and Brameloup farms are among the oldest in the area, with the 17th century barn which houses the vine growers museum.
Other buildings such as the cellars and stables were built in the 19th century under Napoleon III by Prince Soukovo Kabylin of Russia, the previous owner of the Domaine who was appointed to the Russian court for Armagnac

"Since the 19th Century, our Armagnac, whose fineness and complexity have made its success, are produced and bottled at the Domain"

The Estate

Château Garreau, also known as Domaine Gayrosse spreads over 80 hectares overlapping both the counties of Landes and Gers. Situated in the heart of Bas Armagnac, next to the magnificent medieval village Labastide d’Armagnac it is a true example of Armagnac Country.

"These lands of tawny sands give our Armagnac a touch of ripe fruits from the plum sloe to the apricot depending on the vines blend"

Of the 80 hectares of the Domain, the vineyard represents 30 hectares of grape varieties: Baco, Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc for the Armagnac, but also Colombard, Gros Manseng, Cabernet Sauvignon… for the Flocs de Gascogne.

Château Garreau is one of the 40 Producers controlling the entire production process from the vine to the winery at the Domain. Amongst them, they are one of the few to own their still and to distil their Armagnac.

The “continuous” distillation is done at the Domain. The Brandy (52 to 60% alcohols) already rich with fruity and floral aromas will then be put for few months in new and carefully  selected oak pieces which will give the Brandy a nice colour and new aromas. Then, the Brandy will continue its long and subtle ageing in older barrels. Armagnac are only bottled as and when sold.

The fertile soil, the centenary cellars ideal for aging Armagnac in the oaken casks, our stills (dating from 1919) imparts an incomparable taste and personality to our products,

Château Garreau also includes on its grounds the “Ecomusée de L’Armagnac”, the” Vigneron”( wine grower) Museum, the Alambic museum, a display of bottles past and present, and “Auditorium Gascogne”.(a conference room),

Visitors are welcome to enjoy a stroll around the botanical circuit and the ponds and woods of our Domaine as Château Garreau wishes our visitors to discover not only the history of our extraordinary Brandy, but also the diversity of the nature that produces it.

Château Garreau, above all, is committed to developing sustainable agricultural techniques with a view of conservation