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Domaine Bott Freres


The people, the land, the grapes… The Alsace Bott Frères wines are the sum of nearly two centuries of expertise, a soil of exceptional quality in the micro-climate of Ribeauvillé and tried and tested grape varieties. The production is overseen by a dynamic team who aim to achieve the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. Experience, patience and expertise have made Bott Frères wines famous: they will charm your senses and enchant your palate.

Between tradition and modernity

The property is located in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard and produces the noblest types of wines. The Bott Frères family opens its doors at the entrance of Ribeauvillé. Here, since 1835, some of the oldest wine know-how has been transmitted from father to son.

The Bott family does not manufacture wine, it cultivates it. The greatest care is given to the grape, all the way from the ground to the glass. The ground cover (planting grass around the vines), the ploughing and the treatment are practiced in full respect of the environment. The grape harvest is undertaken manually and the output is monitored in order to produce high quality wines. Ageing takes place in century old oak casks. And yet, they are on the cutting edge of technology! The team knows how to benefit the most up to date methods in wine production.

The Alsatian guaranteed vintages

Alsatian wines are recognised by the names of the grape varieties and their 3 classifications: Alsace wine AOC, Alsace Grand Cru (51 crus), and Cremant d'Alsace. There may be additional mentions of location and quality: "Noble Grape Selection" and "Late Harvest" (Vendanges Tardives).

7 grape varieties are grown and get the classification of the Alsace guaranteed vintage label. Edelzwicker is a composition of varieties and its quality will be a reflection of the know-how of the wine-maker. The wine is always bottled on the premises of the wine-growe.

The "Bott Frères" wines from Alsace

The vineyard Bott Frères is established on a great diversity of soils, letting be expressed harmoniously type of vines of Alsace: Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer.

Sylvaner This is the white grower's wine, light, with a discreet fruity taste, an aroma of young fruit, and a fine flowery fragrance. A pleasant wine to quench your thirst and well suited to be served with "tarte flambee", quiche or shellfish. 
Pinot Blanc An harmonious that combines freshness, well-rounded taste and suppleness. It is a dry wine with a slight fragrance of citrus fruits. A wine to be appreciated with regional dishes such as crusted pate, meat pies, the famous Alsatian delicatessen dishes ans asparagus.
Riesling The King of Alsatian wines, one of the best white wines in the world. Fine, elegant, and full of character, this great wine with a hint of flowers and a pleasant fruity taste is very embodiment of a gastronomical wine. Supremely suited for regional dishes such as sauerkraut or Baeckaoffe, it can equally be served with fish and shellfish.
Muscat Less well known, this wine with n unsurpassed bouquet and fruity taste is dry and aromatic. It expresses the gourmand taste of fresh fruit. Alsatian Muscat should not be confused with the sweet muscats of southern France. Muscat is a wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif with Kougelhopf (traditional Alsatian cake), but also with fresh asparagus.
Pinot Noir The only red grape variety in Alsace. This is a wine to be enjoyed cool but not chilled. Its typical fruity taste reminds one of cherries. It is best suited with grilled meats, sauced meats, feathered game, delicatessen food or cheese.
Pinot Gris Very different from its distant Hungarian cousin, this strong wine with a hint of smoke, compliments with dishes of character. It stays firm, with a complex aroma of forest vegetation. Best suited with dishes like foie gras, white meats, kidney, mushrooms, goat cheese, but also exotic food.
Gewurztraminer This charming wine is heavily scented with exquisite aromas, strong with a spicy fragrance of sugared and soft fruits. It is an excellent wine to be served with foie gras, marinated salmon, munster cheese or spicy dishes.


The Bott family proposes three great vintage wines  (grand crus) according to a very strict schedule of conditions:

- Riesling Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé is a wine which makes the pride of the Bott Frères cellar. Its elegant bouquet develops with time these remarkable flavours, characteristic of the grounds marno-limestones. It goes perfectly with noble fish (matelotte…).
- Riesling Osterberg is resulting from an argillaceous and stony ground. Into growing old it develops stone flavours with rifle with a nose open on fruity and floral notes. A dry wine in mouth, to be useful with sauerkraut, seafood…
- Pinot Gris Gloeckelberg is resulting from small and very old parcel. It surprises by its smoothness, its lightness and its elegance. To be useful with foie gras or with aperitif.

Shelf life:

- Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Pinot Noir, Muscat: 3 years
- Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer: 5 to 6 years even more.

Recognized wines

The Bott Freres wines are to be found at some of the most renowned tables, including the Auberge de l'Ill (3 Stars in Michelin Guide), Hotel Matignon, Le Palais de l'Elysee, Le Cheval Blanc...

Other great chefs have recommended Bott Freres wines for their finesse and quality

The Bott Wines are also quoted in the Guide Hachette, the American Guide Parker, Gilbert & Gaillard, the Wine Enthusiast...