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Kerbriant continues to carry the torch of quality, tradition and authenticity of Brittany.

Kerbriant is a small-scale family and artisanal cannery (4 people) established in 1986 in Beuzec Cap Sizun between the famous Pointe du Van and Pointe du Raz.

With an awareness of continued quality and innovation, they offer an assortment of the best seafood products.

Whether you are a fan of traditional dishes, or curious about new tastes, you will certainly find some products in the range that suit you. Kerbriant has so far developed unique specialties such as Tuna à l’Orientale (real “couscous from Brittany”, subtle blend of tuna and vegetables) and the White Albacore Tuna Soup.

Always eager to strive for higher quality, they are developing a range of products with fresh fish from Brittany (sardines, mackerel).

Kerbriant’s philosophy is to offer the consumer a good, tasty and delicious product (the products are very low in salt and not too spicy) at a very fair price.

But do not look for them on the shelves of supermarkets or other shops, Kerbriant distributes its products exclusively through direct sales in gastronomy exhibitions or on their production site.

At the Exhibition of Gastronomy in Vincennes, Paris in 2008, the National Academy of Cooking has named Marc Le Gal, owner of Kerbriant, the first prize in Taste for “ Flavour and Tradition” for its entire range and also for safeguarding of the Artisanal Gastronomy  
He also won a Silver Medal in the category “Mackerel Fillets” for their Mackerel Fillets with Muscadet Wine in a 200g Jar