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Laguiole Hand Material

Choosing the Handle's Material

Apart from the fact that each person's "taste" is different, the choice of handle material can be influenced by whether the future owner of the knife is careful or not.
The materials below may have irregularities in shade.
These irregularities are what make them beautiful. Each handle is a unique piece.
Other materials are available for the Collection knives, contact us.
Important: as with all natural materials, the colours and grain of the knives we supply may vary from those shown on this site

Origin and location of Morta :

Highly mineralised, Morta is a fossil wood. Very dark, it is difficult to work with (wood loaded with silica)

Following landslides, forests were progressively buried by the oceans. These transgressions and regressions of the ocean gradually shaped the marshes. Lying in the silt deposited by the ocean, these trees slowly fossilised.

Today they are found buried in the peat. Black and spongy at the time of extraction, the Morta must dry for several months before being worked. Only 10% of a piece extracted from the marsh can be used. This is why it is so rare.

Although it is present in a large part of the Brière, Morta is still difficult to exploit because it is always buried in the peat. It is therefore necessary to wait for the dry season to be able to reach it.


Paperstone is the only solid surface made entirely of recycled paper to FSC standards.

This product is environmentally friendly, food safe and water resistant.

Horn :

Horn is a very fragile natural material (like our nails, it is keratin).

There are 2 types of horn:

- The horn tip, taken from the solid part of the horn and worked directly as is. It is the most beautiful and the most expensive because only one to 1.5 handles are made inside.

- The bottom of the horn or pressed horn. This horn, thin and twisted, must be hidden, i.e. heated in order to be moulded to the shape of the handle. 

This is the cheapest method, as many handles can be made from one horn.

Important information on the maintenance of a horn handle.