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Macarons de Boulay

April 1854: Bines Lazard and his wife Francoise put an end to their discovery:  the consistency is supple and soft… a fine sweet taste with a delicate aroma of freshly blanched almonds. A biscuit?  Better than that… a real discovery! A Macaron that will become the emblem of the City of Boulay and one of the most popular specialities of the region.

The production secret, jealously preserved, will be transmitted from generation to generation until 1963, date when it is entrusted to the Alexandre family.

Today, the Macarons de Boulay are still made following the original recipe: fresh almonds, sugar and egg whites are carefully measured, and the Macarons are always done with a silver spoon in its purest tradition. The Macarons de Boulay, presented in their mythical red box, keep its moist during weeks without any colouring or preservatives in order not to damage its quality.

The General de Gaulle, his majesty King Georges VI, the Emperor Guillaume II or the writer Andre Maurois, like many of the crowned heads, are among gourmets who succumbed to the special softness and flavour of the Macarons de Boulay.

The qualities of the Macarons de Boulay and its full artisanal production process allowed them to be acclaimed by all the gourmet critics in search of authentic and natural products.


Special request:

Kosher Macarons for Passover. Why are these macarons different from other macarons? On the occasion of Passover, the Macarons de Boulay are produced under the strict supervision of Rabbi Bruno Fiszon, the Rabbi Chief of the Moselle department in France. All ingredients are guaranteed “Kosher for Passova” and the production is tightly controlled by M. Fiszon