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Maison Lafitte Foie Gras


Share the best of the Landes traditions

Lafitte, generosity from the Landes since 1920

It’s in Montaut, a typical village located in the Landes area, stood at the foot of the Chalosse hills in the South West of France, that Lafitte family, for three generations, protects and perpetuates with passion the traditions and the know how of the Landes gastronomy: a rich heritage of flavours, original recipes and unique dexterity ! At the very beginning, the company was a restaurant, then it started to sell its own production of preserved games and foie gras, to become now the ambassador of Landes gastronomy. Lafitte products are distributed in France to famous restaurants, delicatessen and in the 6 stores owned by the company (Paris, Bordeaux, Dax, Mont de Marsan, Bayonne et Montaut). Synonym of excellence and authenticity Lafitte exports also its products in Europe and worldwide.

Duck according to the book

A traditional duck

Lafitte ducks for Foie Gras are from an old origin with a slow growth. They are recognizable by their colours, white and black. An absolute sign of quality.

An open air breeding

Lafitte collaborates with more than 80 breeders and perpetuates the traditional breeding in a local and measured agriculture with small farms. The ducks are bred in the Landes area, in open air and in a natural environment.

An adapted food

The ducks are bred only with vegetal products (corn and wheat) and fed traditionally with whole corn of maize in park (this production represents only 6% of the French production). Lafitte production specifications guarantee non GMO maize.

The “Lafitte” guarantee

The ducks are bred and prepared with great care. They are bound by very strict specifications which are alike those of the French Label Rouge.

A traditional cooking

Lafitte Foies Gras (as all other products) are handmade in limited series by Lafitte cooks in order to respect their nobility and to preserve all the taste values. As they are typical, the receipts decline tastes and colours of the traditional Lafitte family cooking

Share the authentic taste of quality

When the ancestral know-how joins modern process

With new slaughterhouse and die-cut room since 2005, leading edge transformation tools for the cooked foie gras and other elaborated products preparation, Lafitte associates the know-how of the ancients with modern processes and its local and experienced workforce to guarantee the best product.

A mastered channel for a certified quality

Very few firms dedicated in Foies Gras as Lafitte are able to guarantee a full control of their production from duck selection and breeding to transformation and selling. By investing in all the levels of the production channel and checking all its products, Lafitte complies with all the rules and controls on its raw and elaborated products for food security.

The respect of the taste as a priority

As the ducks are fed traditionally, their foies gras and magrets have a rustic taste and unique texture. Therefore the foies gras need a light seasoning and the ready cooked dishes are made with simple and family like recipes from the Lafitte know-how. Moreover, all the foie gras, pates and cooked dishes in tins are guaranteed additive and preservatives free


Rewarded at the Concours General Agricole in 2010 by two Gold Medals and two Bronze Medals and in 2011 by two Silver Medals, the quality of Lafitte certified products is highly recognised