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Maison Telme

Terrines from Maison Telme, a true reference in Provence

The Story…

Maison Telme is a family business which was founded in Provence in 1947.

In 1947, after having learned the trade on the famous butcher stalls of Var and Marseille, Lydia Gaston Telme create their workshop at Oraison between Durance and Luberon.

From their job, they make it a passion.

Since then, Maison Telme continues to make these unique recipes well kept secret and transmitted from generation to generation.

Today it is Solange, the granddaughter of the Telme family that has kept and still cooks with love these recipes handed over by her grandpa. Solange is proud to still make by hand her terrines.

The Know-how…

Rich from an unique expertise , Maison Telme rigorously selects its ingredients to provide the best quality products.

No preservatives, colorants, gelling agents and other chemical additives.

The Aromatic Wild Herbs are harvested by Maison Telme in the hills of Haute – Provence.

Away from industrial cadences, each stage of the process  is carefully controlled: removing the forgotten feather, manually pitting olives, sorting the fresh parsley from the garden, listening to the singing dough during kneading , allowing time for the natural jelly to form…

In order to maintain naturally the airy texture of the terrine , the jars are filled manually with a fork. With this aspect of the business , Maison Telme is proud to say that they are 60 years behind technology !

The manufacturing is done under HACCP procedures (analysis of critical points and criticality control). This method is based on a series of internal self-checks and external audits by accredited and independent laboratories.

Tasting Tips…

  • Served with salads, seasonal fruits or specialty breads, the Terrines can well adapt to the requirements of outdoor meals. As an aperitif, serve them coated with pastry or just on toast with some country bread.
  • As a starter, you can also eat the Terrines with a frozen tomato coulis or sweet fillings (pears in wine and cinnamon, figs, chutneys, candied thyme, cranberries, )

The Terrines will keep their best flavour if they are chilled one hour before tasting. The absence of preservatives and colorants can cause a colour change of the Terrine few hours after opening, which does not alter the taste properties at all.