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Genovese Basil Spray - 15ml -

Genovese Basil Spray - 15ml

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Our Genovese Basil Spray is a novel way of adding flavour to your dishes. It is simple, convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly, completely natural and true to the aromas of the fresh plant.

  • The extract brings intense flavour to your savoury and sweet dishes in a few sprays, while cooking or added directly on the plate.
  • Everyone knows common or Roman basil, the star of Provençal and Italian cuisine. What would a pesto soup or a tomato and mozzarella salad be without basil? The producer grows a broadleaf variety known as large green basil or Genovese base (Ocimum Basilicum Genovese). It is selected it for its subtle aromas, even though its yield in essence is the lowest of all the producer's plants.
  • Shake well before use
  • Directly on the plate: spray firmly 10 to 15cm from the plate (hot and cold dishes, salads, tarts, fruit salad, mousse, etc.) before serving
  • When cooking: the extracts are sensitive to heat. Add them preferably at the end. To preserve the rich aromas, use them at temperatures below 100°C. If you use them at higher temperatures, reduce the cooking time or increase the quantity
  • Precautions: the extract is concentrated and therefore not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 3 years old and for those with particular dietary sensitivities. Keep out of children’s reach

  • Vegan-friendly, salt and gluten-free, and virtually calorie-free, the sprays are perfect for adding flavours to a gourmet, healthy cuisine

  • Preservation: use within 6 months after opening. Leave in the original bottle, upright and away from light

  • Size: 15ml bottle (contains more than 110 sprays)

A unique process!

  • Tending the plant also means preserving the subtlety of all its flavours. Baume des Anges have perfected their own ‘green’ extraction process. It is patented and certified AB. The technique uses only dry steam (without any suspended water droplets) at a cold temperature (less than 75°C) as well as vacuum pumps. This innovative process helps prevent three types of potential degradations suffered by plants transformed into essential oils: thermolysis, hydrolysis and oxidation. That is why they prefer to use the word "essences", that are captured with all their aromas and nothing but their aromas.
  • This process has one great quality: when it comes to putting the aroma of fresh plants into bottles, there is nothing like it. And one slight drawback, its low yield. This means it takes a lot of plants to produce a few drops of essence – up to 1.4 kg of basil for a 15 ml bottle! This is a conscious choice, as the priority is to preserve all the flavour of the plant, right up to the point of consumption
  • What is a blissful plant?

There are several ways of growing plants. Here, the crops are cultivated with delight. The delight of sowing and harvesting in a way that respects the plants and the land. The delight of achieving a perfect extraction, truly faithful to the plant’s aromas. The delight of cooking and enjoying good food. Together, all these delights make for a blissful plant!

  • What is an extract?

    Baume des Anges Blissful Plant Extracts for cooking and pastry-making enhance or add flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes. They can be incorporated in the most sophisticated recipes or simply sprayed on the dish.

    They combine pure essences of plants with organic virgin sunflower oil (from the Ardèche region) and mineral water

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