Grape Seed Oil and Coffee Beans - 250ml


Grape Seed Oil and Coffee Beans - 250ml

Huilerie Beaujolaise offers 100% artisanal natural virgin oils made in a traditional mill in the Rhone Valley. Each of the oils is built around a single ingredient, delivering the real sensation of a pure and intense flavour

  • The coffee beans macerate for 15 days in the grape seed oil. There are about 300 grams of coffee per litre of grape seed oil. The coffee is then pressed and filtered on blotting paper
  • Our Grape Seed Oil and Coffee Beans brings out the natural flavours of the coffee. Delicious with raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, veal or white meat
  • Ingredients: grape seed oil, Costa Rica coffee beans
  • No preservatives; no chemicals
  • Size: 25cl bottle

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