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Balsamic Glaze with Black Truffle - 250g -

Balsamic Glaze with Black Truffle - 250g

  • £1600

Our balsamic glaze with black truffle, a creamy and unique reduction, combines the sharp sweetness of balsamic with the pungency of truffles. Made in France, these glazes are perfect as a dressing and will bring a truly outstanding taste to your dishes!

  • Conveniently packaged to drizzle a few drops at a time, which could flavour a whole dish, from white meat to seafood, cheese, salads and even ice cream. Applications are as endless as your imagination!
  • Delicious with meats, fish, vinaigrettes, salads, cheese or ice cream
  • Ingredients: balsamic cream, black truffle breakings, aroma
  • Size: 250g bottle

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