Toasted Sesame Oil - 250ml


Toasted Sesame Oil - 250ml

Huilerie Beaujolaise offers 100% artisanal natural virgin oils made in a traditional mill in Rhone Valley. Each of the oils is built around a single ingredient, delivering a pure and intense flavour

  • This toasted sesame oil is extremely aromatic, made from pure ground, roasted and pressed sesame
  • This smoked taste, giving so many dishes a distinct Asian accent with just a few drops, can be used for a multitude of preparations: salads, cooked or raw vegetables, mushrooms, rice, fish (tuna) and roast pork
  • Ingredients: 100% sesame
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acid, antioxidants and lecithin, essential elements for health
  • No preservatives, no chemicals
  • Nuts allergens
  • Size: 25cl bottle
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