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Fresh Summer Truffle

Fresh Summer Truffles

4th April 2024:

The Fresh Summer Truffle season is starting now!

She will be the star of your Summer dishes with its subtil taste of truffle and hazelnut.

It will perfectly compliment your salads, pasta, risotto... and even your cheese with a drop of olive oil!

Price: £320/kg for Caliber 10/20g

Price: £580/kg for Caliber +20g

24th April 2023:

Price: £480/kg for size 20/80

16th May 2022:

Price: £350/kg

28th March 2022:

They are back! The first arrival will be available for Wednesday 30th March departure

Price: £472/kg

23rd August 2021:

Price: £302/kg

10th May 2021:

Price: £209/kg

26th April 2021:

Price: £293/kg

19th April 2021:

Price: £330/kg

12th April 2021:

We are now starting the season of fresh summer truffle. Quantities in Europe are still quite limited but will grow fast

Price: £359/kg

9th August 2020:

Please note that this will be the last week for the summer truffles. Quantities are extremely limited and sizes are also a lot smaller

Price: £204/kg

26th July 2020:

Price: £176/kg

28th June 2020:

Price: £159/kg

20th June 2020:

Price: £163/kg

31st May 2020:

Price: £168/kg

24th May 2020:

Price: £172/kg

17th May 2020:

Prices have gone down as we are seeing more quantities and market as you all know is still difficult.

Quality is getting really nice

Price: £203/kg

Size above 20g per truffle

6th April 2020:

Price: £203/kg

Size above 30g per truffle

19th August 2019:

Price: £210/kg

5th August 2019:

Price: £193/kg

22nd July 2019:

Price: £193/kg

8th July 2019:

Price: £193/kg

16th June 2019:

Price: £193/kg

3rd June 2019:

Price: £210/kg

19th May 2019:

Prices remain stable for now

Size above 20g per truffle

Price: £228/kg

12th May 2019:

Prices remain stable for now

Size above 20g per truffle

Price: £263/kg

28th April 2019:

Size above 20g per truffle

Price: £263/kg

22nd April 2019:

The season of the Summer Truffles is starting, slowly!

Size above 20g per truffle

Price: £263/kg

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