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Fresh Perigord Black Winter Truffle

Fresh Black Winter Truffle Product

28th March 2024:

Please note that we will not have any Fresh Truffles as the black truffle season is over and we will start the Summer Truffles very soon!

29th January 2024:

Price: £1410/kg

2nd January 2024:

Price: £1700/kg

11th December 2023:

Very limited quantities due to low quality and a lot of wastage

Price: £2325/kg

20th November 2023: They are back!

We are at the very beginning of the season: Maturity is not here and colour is light (white grey). Aromas are not very prononced as it is the start of the season

Price: £1240/kg

30th January 2023:

Price: £2760/kg

23rd January 2023:

Price: £2500/kg

9th January 2023:

Very few quantities on the markets this week end

Price: £1700/kg

19th December 2022:

Quality is improving again this week. But Quantities are limited

Price: £2900/kg

12th December 2022:

Quality is improving this week

Price: £2400/kg

27th November 2022:

Still very limited quantities and not very mature!

Price: £2180/kg

21st November 2022:

Start of the season with very limited quantities and not very mature!

Price: £1780/kg

8th March 2021:

We are getting very close to the end of the season with very little quantities available. Calibers are very difficult to match if you have specific request

Price: £1509/kg

8th February 2021:

Price: £1000/kg

25th January 2021:

Price: £929/kg

11th January 2021:

Price: £1120/kg

4th January 2021:

Price: £849/kg

28th December 2020:

Price: £1135/kg

21st December 2020:

Price: £1435/kg

24th November 2020:

Maturity is very much in advance as we are seeing many more black truffles compared to previous years but it remains only the 2nd week and some are still light-coloured which is normal. Quantities are still limited

Price: £625/kg

30th March 2020:

Price: £960/kg

16th February 2020:

Price: £972/kg

9th February 2020:

Price: £972/kg

19th January 2020:

Price: £1014/kg

13th January 2020:

Price: £1014/kg

15th December 2019:

There has been very little quantities at the market of Richereenches and in the Southwest again this week with a very high demand for Christmas leading to very high prices this week.

Maturity is getting better

Price: £1635/kg

8th December 2019:

This week, quantities are very limited because of all the rain we had. Indeed, this made it very difficult to go and harvest truffles; therefore quantities available are about half less from last week.
You will find below our prices for this week. Because of very little
quantities, we can only confirm this price for the first half of the week. We will update you about the situation on Wednesday.

Price: £1319/kg

1st December 2019:

We have seen lots of truffles on the markets and therefore prices remain steady. Quality is getting a lot better and we are really seeing many more mature truffles.

Price: £1040/kg

24th November 2019:

Price: £1040/kg

22nd April 2019:

The season is now officially closed until October 2019!

The season of the Fresh Summer Truffle has now started!

24th March 2019:

Quantities remain low as we are closing the season. We might have one more week following this week but it still remains very uncertain.

Price: £1217/kg

10th March 2019:

The end of the season is really getting closer as available quantities are
dropping and as well as the size of the truffles. Most of the truffles are around 30g with very few larger ones.

Price: £1118/kg

3rd March 2019:

Quantities are starting to go down and most likely we will also start seeing less large size truffles

Price: £1026/kg

10th February 2019:

Price: £960/kg

31 December 2018:

Price: £1090/kg

24 December 2018:

Price: £1342/kg

17 December 2018:

Price: £1777/kg

9 December 2018:

Price: £1777/kg

25 November 2018:

We had a lot of rain lately that have made it difficult to go and harvest truffles. We are still quite confident that once we start getting better weather conditions, we will be getting more truffles as more farmers will be able to go harvesting.

Price: £908/kg

18 November 2018:

This weekend was the opening of the black truffle season. As expected. the harvest is looking good ans prices are a lot better than last year (nearly half).

Quality is as expected for the beginning of the season. Some truffles have a good colour and some are still a little lighter

Price: £500/kg

28 October 2018:

We are getting closer to the official opening of the black truffle season.

This year the official opening will be on the 17th of November with the first market of Carpentras followed by the market of Richerenches on Saturday.

Why this date? It has been in fact decided with the FFT (French Federation of Truffficulteur) that the 1st market of Carpentras and Richerenches will be held the following Friday and Saturday of November 15th.

This year, we are expecting a better harvest than last year in the South East of France. Indeed we had some good rains in the early stages (April May June) when the truffles start appearing along with good rain in July and a few storms early August. We hope that that the few dry weeks we had in September did not do too much damage. But we are seeing some crops in the truffle farms so it is a good sign that the truffles are there. The South West and West part of France will most likely have less truffles than last years as they suffered more from the heatwave and little rain.

We will be updating you regularly as we get closer to the beginning of the season

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