Fresh Autumn Truffle

Fresh Autumn Truffle

8th November 2020

Very limited quantities these past few days and therefore with prices higher than last week

+20g Price: £358/kg

31th October 2020

+20g Price: £320/kg

24th October 2020

+20g Price: £396/kg

5th October 2020

+20g Price: £592/kg

14th October 2018

Price: £490/kg

7th October 2018

Price: £390/kg

24th September 2018

Price: £307/kg

17th September 2018

Price: £280/kg

9th September 2018

Price: £280/kg

3rd September 2018

Please find below our prices

The new season of Fresh Autumn Truffles - Tuber uncinatum has started!. As we had many good rains since April and some good storms this summer, we are seeing an early start with good prices

Price: £280/kg

29th October 2017

Please find below our prices. We will have extremely limited quantities this week.

Size will be small and truffles might not be all completely whole

Price: £900/kg

6th October 2017

Please find below the prices. Prices keep going up as demand remains high. But we should not have any problems of shortage.

If any price change during the week, we will inform you immediately

Price: £780/kg

1st October 2017

Price: £650/kg

25th September 2017

Quantities are extremely limited and difficult to find

Price: £680/kg

17th September 2017

High demand and still low quantities available have made the price go up. But quality is pretty nice with some decent sizes

Price: £540/kg

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